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For those who want to emphasize their waist and showcase it in a pretty way. Belts can range from the modern and minimal, to the pretty and whimsical. You can have a tie or can be fitted, with a hook closure. Coordinating with your Dress or outfit is essential.


For those who want a small statement piece that could be placed into a bun or updo, or placed above the ear with long side swept waves. Combs are an easy way to create some focus with your beautiful hairstyle.


For those who want a statement look, but don’t want a hairpiece. Earrings can be a great way to personalize your look, especially when they are one of a kind like ours. Plus they are great for wearing after the Wedding or Special occasion.


For those who want the ultimate in versatility, hairpins give so many options. From a single pin for a simple look, to placing many together for a bigger statement. Perfect for up styles, and braids, hairpins can be your go-to for changing up a look.

Hair Vines

For versatility and a romantic feel, you can’t go wrong with a hair vine. From simple and delicate. To detailed and long, hair vines can be placed in many ways into a hairstyle: from woven into a braid, to worn in the front or back of the head, or wrapped around a bun, the options are endless.

Headband Crowns

For those who want a simple way to create a unique look. Headband crowns are incredibly easy to wear and can be made in a variety of widths and designs. For a mod look wear with a high ponytail, or with hair down for that romantic feel.

Head Pieces

For those wanting a focal point in their Occasion look, a headpiece may be for you. They range from beaded, to lace, to wired and come in various shapes and forms. What makes them different to a hair vine is that they may be asymmetrical or symmetrical rather than linear, and usually require a comb or clip to secure them into the hair.


For those who love a modern twist on Bridal jewelry, our statement necklaces are for you. Perfect for a minimal, modern look or for those who embrace a bold aesthetic.


For those who want their princess moment. Tiaras come in many different designs, and range from the delicate and whimsical to the bold and dramatic. Can be worn with a variety of hairstyles.

Upright Crowns

For the bold, the one’s who want to stand out. They frame the face like a halo and can have various heights depending on how dramatic you want to go. These pieces sit like an alice band and are very comfortable and easy to wear. Can be worn with hair down or up, and suit many hairstyles.

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